Tax consultancy services to Italian companies and the Italian subsidiaries of foreign companies providing personalised tax assistance in routine company management activities as well as support in the development of strategic and organisational solutions. In this context continuous consultancy services are provided in connection with direct and indirect taxation, balance sheet and corporate issues as well as opinions released on the same.
    Constant assistance to clients for the implementation of various extraordinary corporate operations such as mergers, demergers, hive-downs, sales of going concerns and assistance during start-up and IPO phases:

    • Models and structures for the acquisition and sale of company shareholdings
    • Corporate re-organisations
    • MBOs and LBOs
    • Circulation of intellectual property
    • Negotiation of contractual clauses in connection with fiscal issues
    • Fiscal pre-acquisition and vendor due diligence activities
    Specialised advice in domestic and international tax planning in relation to company reorganisations, international joint-ventures and other extraordinary operations together with the assistance of reputable legal and fiscal firms located in major worldwide countries.
    Complete assistance in transfer pricing issues also with the help of external technical consultants:

    • Appeals to the Competent Authorities
    • International rulings
    • Use of alternative methods
    • Preparation of support documentation
    The firm assists many clients active in the financial sector and is specialised in the banking, private equity , securitisation and structured financing areas:

    • Project financing
    • Private equity structures
    • Securitisation
    • Pamphlets
    Consultancy and assistance for implementing the most innovative solutions in employee compensation – especially executives – with many top managers belonging to important domestic and international groups included in the client portfolio:

    • Stock option plans
    • Personnel compensation plans
    • Pension funds
    Assistance to clients during tax audits as well as complete representation with the Tax Authorities:

    • Assistance during tax audits
    • Filing of defensive memorandums and documents
    • Self-defence briefs
    • Suspensions of tax deeds
    Complete assistance and representation during each phase of tax litigation proceedings with the competent Tax Authorities. The founding partner has more than thirty years experience in the tax litigation field and is assisted by a specialised team of authorised tax specialists and lawyers:

    • Assistance in settlement procedures
    • Tax litigation proceedings in the competent Tax Courts
    • Legal representation in front of the Supreme Court
    The firm has experience in preparing Due Diligence Reports and in-depth Tax Audits on direct and indirect taxation including Customs issues as regards product countries of origin:

    • Pre-acquisition tax Due Diligence reports
    • Vendor due diligence
    • Fiscal check-ups
    • Tax audits on direct taxation, VAT and Customs


    The firm is specialised in drawing-up appraisals on going concerns, shareholdings and intellectual property:

    • Sworn appraisals as provided by articles 2343 and 2465 of the Civil Code
    • Sworn appraisals confirming the revaluation of assets and shareholdings as provided by tax laws
    • Appraisals supporting the fair value of transactions
    Specialised in ordinary and extraordinary corporate consultancy and assistance. Dedicated professionals assist clients in drawing-up the minutes of the company boards and extraordinary deeds.
    The firm has an internal department with personnel specialised in executing all corporate procedures and communications with the Register of Trade and all other Public Administration Agencies. In addition the firm acts as Italian domicile for the registered office of Italian and foreign companies.
    The firm provides corporate assistance in connection with the structure of securitisation operations as provided by Law 130/99. The operations relate to the sale of relevant performing and not credit portfolios carried out by leading banks and domestic and international finance institutions:

    • Vehicle management
    • Relations with Controllino Authorities
    • Fiscal rolls